Laineuses fêtes !

animannonce illustrée par Camille Ruzé


Me : Hi there, a new year is ending, a new year is starting and the other way around. I wanted to wish you, from the bottom of my scarf, a very woolly Christmas ! But above all, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your words, your drawings, your smiles. Thank you for your many messages. I unfortunately can’t reply to all of them, but… but I owe you a gift.

Me : And here it is !

Me : Come on. Let’s do as we planned.

Thorn : Merry Christmas.

(Merci Cécilia et Gilles pour l’aide à la traduction ♥)

(Et merci encore Camille pour ton travail formidabeul ♥)

Laineuses fêtes !