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About me

I was born in 1980 on the French Riviera and grew up in a home full of classical music and historical enigmas. More of the imaginative than of the cerebral type, I began scribbling my first texts in university. I set up in Belgian and intended to become a librarian when disease erupted. Writing then became an escape from the medical machinary, then a slow reconstruction and eventually a second nature. During this period, I benefited from emulation with Plume d’Argent (Silver Pen), an authors community on internet, as well as from the unwavering support of my Dear and Loving, and from our respective families. I decided to take up my first great literary challenge : entering the Gallimard Jeunesse Competition. Today, I am published and devote night and day to writing ! Well, rather day. When there are not too many animes on TV.

– Christelle Dabos

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About The Mirror Visitor

The Mirror Visitor is a Fantasy quartet I wrote, published by Gallimard Jeunesse, illustrated by Laurent Gapaillard.

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How the story starts :

« After the Tear that put an end to the ancient world, people have concentrated on a few territories: arches suspended in the air. Each of them, inhabited by families gifted with peculiar talents, is led by a remote ancestor, called « family spirit ». The young Ophelie is a Mirror-Crosser, a rare ability among the inhabitants of the Anima arch. Clumsy, solitary and reserved, she is also an particularly gifted reader: when seizing an object she can read its history and perceive the tracks of all those who touched it before her.

The day a forced marriage obliges Ophelie to leave her universe and family for the faraway arch of the Pole, her world is torn apart. Thorn, her fiancé, is a tough and enigmatic man. On his side, Ophelie discovers the Citacielle, a floating city made of spatial distorsions and visual illusions. The court, that comprises rival clans, gravitates around their common ancestor, Farouk, the allmighty and immortal family spirit. The clans fight against each other in a sad mix of plots, manoeuvres, trickeries and betrayals. And to make matters worst, Thorn is the intendant of the Pole, hated as such by everyone. »