Problème de contact / Contact problem

Bonjour tout le monde !

Je me suis rendue compte hier que le formulaire de contact de mon site ne fonctionnait plus depuis… eh bien, depuis un sacré moment. Si vous m’avez envoyé un message au cours des derniers mois, il s’est malheureusement perdu dans les limbes du net. J’en suis très désolée !

Le problème est corrigé : je recevrai de nouveau vos messages 😉

Hello everybody !

I realized yesterday that the contact form on my website hasn’t been working for… well, for quite a while. If you have sent me a message in the last few months, it has unfortunately been lost in the limbo of the internet. I am very sorry!

The problem is fixed : I’ll receive your messages again 😉


Une réflexion sur « Problème de contact / Contact problem »

  1. Dear Ms. Christelle Dabos,
    I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Natali, and I am a passionate admirer of your work. Your books have deeply touched me and inspired me to create a merchandise line that echoes the unique aesthetics and themes of these stories.
    I am reaching out to you directly to seek your permission to use elements from your books in the design of this merchandise. I am fully aware of the copyright protections surrounding your work and my utmost intention is to respect your rights as an author.
    My goal in creating these products is not only to celebrate my love for your stories but also to introduce them to a wider audience. I believe that this merchandise could also serve as an additional channel to promote your books and attract new readers.
    I would be grateful if you could guide me on how to proceed with obtaining your permission. I am open to any terms or conditions you might propose and am willing to discuss licensing agreements or any other requirements you may have.
    Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Your work has been a significant source of inspiration to me, and I look forward to the possibility of celebrating it through this merchandise.
    Sincerely, Natali Bondarieva, Ukraine

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